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Google Fiber With 1 GBPS Internet Speed Coming To India!

Google Fiber is Google’s owned broadband service, provides 1000Mbps (1Gbps) download and upload speeds, which is more than 500 times faster than the average Internet connection speeds in India. That means less time buffering and more video chatting, uploading family videos, and playing your favorite online games.

Google finally announced Thursday that the company’s ultra-high speed internet service Google Fiber would become available to the residents of its test community Kansas City, US.It seems 2015 can be the best year for an Internet user in India. Initial reports are coming in, indicating that Google Fiber will be introduced in India very soon. Talks are on between IT Ministry and Google Fiber team to bring this amazing optical fiber based broadband services in India.

The Google Fiber speed users can download a HD movie in 33 seconds. As of now, Google is planning to expand the services to 34 more cities in the USA. During the launch of Google Fiber in Kansas City in 2011, a Google official said, “Our internet is 100 times faster. Our TV has hundreds of channels in crystal clear HD. And we’re offering quality service plans that are affordable,”.

As in countries like India where two-third of the entries population is not connected with internet and those who are connected is having an average internet speed of 2Mbps. Introducing the Google Fiber in this will be quite tough for Google but will definitely helps in evolution of the country's internet speed.

In India Google's biggest challenge before to setup fiber connection is getting license, as any ISP in India who wish to provide a broadband services needs to get licenses which are auctioned, and the price may shoot upto thousands of crores of rupees. This will alternately high the package price of the fiber  connection.  But Government is planning to engage Google without licenses.