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ITC Infotech eyes acquisitions to become $1-billion Company

ITC Infotech is IT Services Company incorporated in the year 2000. Headquartered in Bangalore, India. The Company is a fully owned subsidiary of ITC Limited. The company has a service delivery footprint across more than 140 countries worldwide, and offers end-to-end solutions through dedicated development centers, offices and delivery centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, in addition to hubs based in Bangalore, Pune, Trivandrum  and Kolkata.

ITC Infotech is formulation a vital change to acquire firms in North America and Europe as partial of a plan to build a mid-sized business of Kolkata-headquartered organisation ITC into a billion dollar, or about Rs 6,300 crore, a year operation and more than triple is workforce over the next  5 years. The company has identified acquisition targets and expects to complete a understanding in the next 6 months, announced managing director and CEO Sushma Rajagopalan.

“Our strategy is to have both a scale merger and several strings of pearl acquisitions, that will give us differentiated scale. Acquisition targets will support established verticals such as retail, airlines, BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) and lines of business such as data, infrastructure, testing, ERP (enterprise apparatus planning), supply chain, product engineering services and patron experience,” she said.

“Acquisitions will contribute around 15-20% of our targeted $1 billion revenue. Our overall goal is to enhance a headcount from 7,000 people to 25,000 people as we pierce towards a income miracle and wish to be a widespread mid-tier firm,” Rajagopalan said.

Till now, the company has not focused significantly on any acquisitions. While ITC Infotech generates reduction than 10% income from a work  finished for a parent, Rajagopalan says this business enables it to be destiny prepared and allows it to build innovative solutions in supply chain, trade graduation and marketing, faithfulness and information analytics that are eventually marketed to other clients.