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The Simple Bracelet that turns your skin into a smartphone display

A team of four members from France has initiated with an idea for a bracelet that can be used to turn the wearer's arm into a smartphone screen. While the bracelet is still in its concept stage, the team already has a name for it. The Cicret bracelet, a slim wristband that resembles the Jawbone Up, projects images into the skin of the wearer using a pico projector and has a line of eight sensors that detects where the user places his finger.

Meet Cicret Bracelet that turn your skin into a smartphone display. When you wear it on your wrist a small light beam on the device, known as the Cicret Bracelet, would project your Android homepage directly on your forearm.

Using this wearable device You can read and send your mails, play your favorite games, check the weather, find your way and also allows you to make or receive your calls…Do whatever you want on your arm.
Inside there would be a Pico projector to display the smartphone screen to which the Cicret is synced. There would also be a processor, a memory card, a micro USB port, a small battery, a Bluetooth chip, a WiFi chip and even an LED light.

The memory card appears in either 16GB or 32GB format and with 10 different colors. Free application’s beta version is available on Google Play.

The Cicret is just in the planning stages and the Cicret development team is seeking to raise $1 million to get its project off the ground. The official website of this device mentions that they are still working on their prototype and didn’t launch any pre-order/order of the Cicret Bracelet. So don’t trust any website selling it yet.