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Top Preparation Tips to crack a Campus Interview

Campus interviews are the most important part of a every student’s life. As soon as the graduation time ends, students focus will shift to the interview preparation as much it is on the final exams. Preparing for a placement process is not the same as preparing for an exam and students should make sure that they do everything in their capability to perform well. Following are a few tips that can be followed to prepare well for the campus placement process.

File all certificates:

Get together all your educational/ non-education certificates including Class 10 and Class 12  and also degree mark sheets,  technical certifications. Arrange them neatly in a file folder, have them at hand during your interview.

Practice for written tests:

In your spare time, solve a good puzzle book and also solve papers completely (especially those of companies planning to visit your campus) in strict exam conditions, to get a first-hand feel of the level of difficulty and the desired speed. 

Time management:

While solving the problem time plays a major role so be sure whether you are solving the problem in right time or not. 

Prepare answers for the FAQs:

Most interviews have a few common questions and preparing well for these questions will help you answer these questions effectively and with confidence.

Dress professionally:

Dress well and be neat when you go for the interview/placement presentation. Dressing neatly and accordingly will help make a good first impression.

Reach the interview venue on time:

Late comers are not appreciated by the interviewers and it is always better to reach the venue 10 – 15 minutes before the time allotted to you.