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Tech Mahindra Latest Placement Papers 2018

Tech Mahindra Placement Papers 2015-2016
Tech Mahindra Placement Papers 2018. Tech Mahindra Latest Technical Questions and Answers 2018. Tech Mahindra Solved Placement Papers 22018. Tech Mahindra Sample Placement Papers 2018.
1. The sentences below represent Direct/Indirect speech. From the below options, choose which one is the best example for the mentioned sentence:She told her, “I know where the dog is”

a. She told her that she knew where the dog is.
b. She told her that she knows where the dog was.
c. She told her that she knew where the dog was.
d. She told that she knew where the dog is.

Choose the synonym(Qns 2 & 3):


a. Thorough
b. Trivial
c. Eager
d. Excessive


a. Consume Rapidly
b. Jump around
c. Identify
d. Bring together

4. The boy at the river was not eating _________ food.

a. a
b. nothing
c. any

5. Choose one word which resembles the sentence:Study of skin and skin diseases

a. Orthopaedics
b. Dermatology
c. Gynaecology
d. Endocrinology

6. Rearrange the following to make a meaningful sentence:Which is the third and second sentence in correct order?

1. Except, we all contributed in the beginning days.
2. Manohar has just joined his office, he has been transferred.
3. At first, he could not get hold of the city culture.
4. Chandrapur is basically a rural area.
5. Currently, Manohar feels proud of his partners.
6. Before being transferred he worked in the chandrapur office.
Answer: 4 and 6

7. The paragraph represents jumbled sentences. Arrange the paragraphs in correct order:

a. A pact where a new government is being formed
b. The Liberals and the NDP commented that their plan is to end the reign of Harper Conservative government by coming Monday.
c. If the present one falls apart as a result of lack of confidence
d. The opposition leaders of Canada have signed


8.A part of the below mentioned sentence has been underlined. Choose a better word to use, in place of the underlined: Can you open this knot?

a. Break
b. Loose
c. No improvement
d. Untie

(Question 9 -12), write down the antonym

9. Comic

a. Fearful
b. Tragic
c. Painful
d. Emotional

10. Annoy

a. Please
b. Rejoice
c. Admire
d. Reward

11. Hapless

a. Consistent
b. Shaped
c. Cheerful
d. Fortunate

12. Niggardly

a. Generous
B. Stingy
C. Thrifty
D. Frugal

13. Join the following words to make up a meaningful sentence.What is the correct order of these words to be arranged?

1. Suddenly
2. left
3. the
4. He
5. House

A. 12345 ,B. 14235 ,C. 32415, D. 53421

(Qns 14 & 15)Fill the blanks with appropriate words:

14. I can have ____ a pizza __ a chicken dish for lunch.

a. Whether, or
b. As, whereas
c. Either, or

15. ___ my father __ my mother are from Mumbai.

a. Both, and
b. Either, or
c. Both, with

Read the following passage and answer (Qns 16- 19)

At a stage like this in human civilisation, it is of utmost interest that nations’ coarse ignorance towards one another decreases, people should start understanding a bit of histories of other cultures, other countries and the resulting mentality developed. It is really fault of Englishmen because they expected people to run the world as they wanted to, to international as well as political situations. We many a times expect people to be the way we are and because of that nothing is made out of our actual kindness and good intents. This could be corrected, not to be a very wide extent but to a certain limit if we knew global history, even outlines of it, about the conditions, social and political, which have lead the country to shape up as it has currently.

16. Author wants the people of his country to:

a. Read other nation’s policies
b. Have a better perceptive of other countries
c. Not to react with war
d. Have close contacts with all the countries

17. A better understanding among countries:

a. Has always been present 
b. There is no need of that
c. Is now needed more than ever
d. Will always remain

18. The character that a country develops is mainly because of its:

a. Mentality
b. Gross Ignorance
c. Socio-Political Conditions
d. Cultural Heritage

19. The fault of Englishmen was that they expected others to react to social and political situations like ________.

a. Everyone
b. Themselves
c. Others
d. Us

20. Find the word that has been spelt correctly:

a. Voguei
B. Equestrain
C. Asspersion
D. Voluptuous

Aptitude Questions:

1. Consider a group of working men. If 1/10th of the workers are absent then work of each person would be increased by.

a. 20%
b. 22.22%
c. 10%
d. 11.11%

2. Consider the following statements,

All members of team A are good tall guys with an average height of 6 feet.
Average of the height of members of team B is lesser than that of team A.
Which could be true among the below options.

a) Every member of team B is shorter than each member of team A.
b) Few members of team B could be over 6 feet.

3.John is supposed to walk from his house to park every morning. One morning, he is in real hurry and wants to save at least 1/3rd of the time. By how much percentage he should increase his

a. 100%
b. 33%
c. 66%
d. 50%

4. Pointing to the woman in the picture, Govind said, “ Her mother has only one grand child whose mother is my wife”. How is the woman in the picture related to Govind?

a) Sister
b) Wife
c) cousin
d) data inadequate

5. Woman in the picture is told as – Her mother has one only one grand child. Mother of that grand child is Govind’s wife. So woman in the picture is wife of Govind.Anand is the uncle of Bimala,
who is the daughter of Cauvery and Cauvery is the daughter in law of Palani. How is Anand related to Palani?

a) Son
b) son in law
c) Brother
d) newphew

6. Palani’s daughter in law is Cauvery.Cauvery’s daughter is Bimala. Anand is uncle of Bimala. Cauvery and Anand are siblings. Therfore Anand is son of Palani.Pointing to a man, Lakshmi says,
“This man’s son’s sister is my mother-in-law”. How is the Lakshmi’s husband related to the man?

a) son
b) son-in-law
c) grandson

7. A cylinder of diameter 14 and height 7 is converted into a cone of radius 6. Now, what could be the percentage height of the new shape ?

a. 308%
b. 32%
c. 2150%
d. 215%

8. Find the largest number which gives out reminders 2 and 5 when used to divide 80 and 122.

a. 19
b. 17
c. 13
d. infinite number of solutions

9. Find the ratio of the volumes of a sphere and cone of same radius. Also the height of the cone is twice its radius.

a. 3 : 1
b. 4 : 3
c. 4 : 1
d. 2 : 1

10. Find the missing number in the sequence 504 , _ , 990, 1320, 1716

a. 720
b. 1000
c. 721
d. 790

11.The perimeter of a square and a rectangle is the same. If the rectangle is 12 cms. by 10 cms., then by what percentage is the area of the square more than that of the rectangle?

a) 1
b) 3
c) 5/6
d) 1/2

12. Capacity of a cylindrical vessel is 25,872 litres. If the height of the cylinder is 200% more than the radius of its base, what is the area of the base in square cms?

a) 336
b) 1232
c) 616
d) cannot be determined

13. If the radius of a circle is increased by 12%, then the area of the circle

a) decreases by 25.44%
b) increases by 25.44%
c) no change in area
d) decreases by 12%

14. Aravamudhan, Balakrishnan and Chinnan work in a developing software company in starting level positions. However their salaries are different. Aravamudhan’s salary to Balakrishnan’s salary and Balakrishnan’s salary to Chinnan’s salary are in the ratio 4:3. If the total salary of all the three employees is Rs.29230, what is the salary of Chinnan?

a) Rs.12640
b) Rs.9480
c) Rs.7110
d) Rs.8660

15. Three cricket players -- Ramesh, Suresh and Ganesh play for three different cricket Teams – Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan respectively. Ramesh was born in Chennai but brought up in Karnal,Haryana. Suresh was born in Delhi and brought up in Delhi. Ganesh’s fore-fathers were from Madurai but settled in Rajasthan. All the three participated in a cricket tournament. Ramesh’s runs to Suresh’s runs and Suresh’s runs to Ganesh’s runs are in the ratio 5:7. If the total runs scored by all the three players in the tournament is 327, find the total runs scored by Suresh in the tournament?

a) 95
b) 85
c) 65
d) 105

Technical Interview Questions:

  1. State the different types of integration testing.
  2. RAM vs ROM?
  3. What do you mean by multi-threading and multi-tasking?
  4. Explain the term normalization.
  5. What is the difference between request processor and request dispatcher?
  6. Explain the difference between trigger and stored procedure.
  7. What are the types of networks?
  8. What is inheritance?
  9. What is the difference between Array and Array list?

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