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CTS Latest Placement Paper Pattren and Previous Papers 2016-2017.

CTS Latest Placement Paper Pattren and Previous Papers 2016-2017. Cognizant Latest Interview Pattern. CTS Solved Placement Papers 2016. Cognizant Technology Solutions Placement Papers 2016.

There are 3 Sections:

1) Verbal 25 questions 20 minutes  
2) Analytical 25 questions 30 minutes  
3) Attention 20 questions 20 minutes  
Verbal consists of:

- choose the correct sentences among given sentences  
- choose the incorrect sentences among given sentences  
(I cant remember the questions but they give mostly on articles, prepositions etc. Know Differences between affect effect like des words.)  
- Jumbled sentences  
- two reading comprehension passages (global warming really tough one n about whales and hunters this was easy)  
time is the major factor. I could not have time for rc.  
Analytical section:  

In a class there are 150 people who speak english n 125 people who speak hindi. 55 speak both languages n atleast one student speaks one language  
1)how many students speak atleast one language?(220)  
2)how many people speak only one language?(165)  
In a class every one will play atleast one sport viz table tennis,cricket n badminton. 73 students play table tennis, 79 play badminton, 75 play cricket and 25 students play both tt n badminton, 24 play both tt n cricket 30 play badminton n cricket n16 students play all d sports  
3)how many students r der in d class(161)   
4)how many students play only cricket.(37)  
In a certain language * represents 0 n $ represents 1.Answer the following questions  
5) 389+91($$$$*****)  
6) lcm of($*$*,$*$**,$*$*$) (420)  
7) avg of (10,20,21) ($***$)  
8) 420 ($$*$**$**)  
9) 9+7-3*6+4-12/6(*)  
A is the son of B A+B  
A is the father of B A-B  
A is the brother of B A*B  
a)P is the Uncle of R like this 4 options ll b given.U should choose d correct one  

A cube is cut into 216 parts. the 2nd 4th n 6th layers of the front face r removed n den painted black. Now answer d following questions  
13)How many cubes r painted on only one side?  
14)how many cubes r painted on only 2 sides?  
15)how many cubes r painted on onlly 3 sides?  
16)how many cubes r painted on only 4 sides?  
17)how many cubes r painted 0 sides?  
Data sufficency questions  
c)only condition 1 is required to solve  
d)only condition 2 is required to solve  
e)both r required  
f)both r not sufficent  
18)find whether X is odd  
1)2*X is even  
2x^2 is odd  
A)c B)d C)e D)f  
19)how many seconds does a minute hand takes to rotate 360 degrees  
1)minute hand revolves round the cloch 5 times in a minute  
2)minute hand is 5 times greater thar short hand  
some other questions similar to d above  
20)der r 4 cities A,B,C,D. Der r 4 Routes 4m A 2 B,3 routes 4m B 2 C,n 2 routes 4m C 2 D.den in how many different ways can A go 2 D  
A)12 B)24 C)32 D)48  
Attention Section   
Choose the correct option based on the following statement  
If tendulkar plays till end   india   will win d match  
a)tendulkar plays till end  
b)  India   wins the match  
c)Tendulkar falls cheaply  
d)  India   loses d match  
A)ab B)ab n cd C)b D)d  
If X travels without a ticket he will b fined 50 bucks  
a)X buys d ticket  
b)X w2as not fined  
c)X doesn't buy a ticket  
d)x was fined  
A)ab B)cd C)ab n cd D)none  
Some questions like  

1)all A's r B's  
2)All B's r C's  
then choose d correct option based on the above statements  
1)all tables r chairs  
2)some tables r desks  
1)no mammels r animals  
2)some animals r goats  
find the odd figure out  
8 people A,B,C,D,E,F,G n H,lives in 4 storyed building which contains 2 flats each. flats number 7 n 8 belongs to 4th floor from left to right.flats 3 n 4 r the second floor from d bottem n r numbered right to r 5 n 6 which lies on second floor 4m top. 1 n 2 r d first floors numbered left to right.A n E stays on the second floor 4m d bottom.F lies one floor above B, which is one floor above C.  Also see: Cognizant Recruitment 2017
three question were asked based on the given problem.  
My interview is very simple  
As it is a campus interview they just tested our confidence.  
My suggestion is dat dont get disappointed if u were not selected in one interview.... try n try untill u succeed... please don't give up at any time....only confidence is the key for success in software industry. I am telling it with my experience...