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L&T Latest Placement Papers 2016 - Technical Questions - HR questions.

L&T Latest Placement Papers 2016 - Technical Questions - HR questions. L&T Previous Placement Papers 2013,2014,2015. Fullysolved L&T Placement Papers 2016. Sample Placement Papers Of L&T. L&T Whole Interview Process. 

L&T Recruitment Process

No of rounds: 4

1. Written Test

2. Group Discussion

3. Technical Round


1. Written Test:

No of questions : 90

Time Limit :90 Minutes

Quantitative Aptitude: 30 Questions

Important topics to cover:

a) Age,
b) Percentage
c) Pipes Problem
d) Upstream n Downstream numerical.
e) Ratio related topic
f) Odd man out series.
g) Numbers related topic
h) calender and time numerical are important from that.
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning- 30 Questions

a) Logic deduction.
b) Puzzle
c) Blood relation
d) Mirror Image

Verbal ability: 30 Questions

Paragraph reading and answering questions.
Synonyms antonyms
Most simple parts.

2.Group Discussion

That is biggest elimination round if we want 2 be a part of L & T then We have to clear it by hook by cook. In group discussion they will judge you  on 4 point

Content matters but not that much that our Listening power ,Eye contact  because  Before GD they give this instruction so we have to follow it otherwise we will have to pay for it In my GD 15 guys were their they selected 3 of them topics for me.

1. Economic recharged make the poorer people poor and richer people rich.
2 My friends life after death.
3. At date day in my collage preparation was going on for 26 January so what we do and last 60 year.

3.Technical Round

  • Tell me smartly about you?
  • Mention that your hobbies 
  • About your project
  • About programming
  • Data structures ,Operation system,C,C++,Oops
  • DBMS,SQL,Pointers

HR round:

  • About your self
  • Your qualities
  • Your weakness
  • Why L & T

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