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Convergys Interview Pattern Latest Placement Papers 2017-2018.

Convergys Interview Pattern Latest Placement Papers 2017-2018. If you want to find the Convergys recruitment process and latest placement papers 2017 and Interview questions of Convergys, You can find it below. Convergys is one of the Top MNC with good work culture with nice salary. If you got any Convergys interview coming in your way don't miss the opportunity to work with one of the best company to work for.

Normally the interview process starts with you submitting the profile form in Convergys careers portal. If your profile gets shortlisted, you will receive a call or e-mail with all the information regarding the Written test date and telephonic interview date and Technical,HR interview dates. 

If you follow the below mentioned interview tips it won't be hard for you to crack the interview. We have given the detailed placement procedure of Convergys with some sample interview questions and HR interview questions. We also provide placement papers 2017 for all the IT companies as well as previous papers 2017 for government jobs 2017 and bank jobs 2017. 

Interview Process:

  1. Written Test
  2. GD(optional)
  3. Technical
  4. HR

Note: Some times HR round will be part of Technical round to save the time.

1. Written Test:

Convergys Written Test Consisting Of  75 Questions Which Are Divided As Follows.

  • 20-Aptitude & Analytical Reasoning
  • 20-Programming
  • 20-Technical 
  • 15-English


1) All the children were arranged in rows. all the rows containing equal no. of students. if 4 students were removed from each row 10 more rows had to be added. if 5 students were added in each row no. of rows were reduced by 8.find the no. of children. the choices were like this
Ans) 800

2)  2/3 of people read newspaper A , 3/4 read newspaper B.if 38 read both and 8 didn't read any of the many read A?

ans) 48

3) There are 5 questions based on a murder story.the questions concentrate on the seating arrangements of people mentioned.

4)  A plane goes from Chicago to Columbus and then comes back. It takes the same time to travel in either ways. It leave Chicago early in the morning 0644 LOCAL TIME and reaches the destination Columbus at 0849 LOCAL TIME. In the same evening it leave Columbus at 1625 hrs LOCAL TIME and reaches the destination at 1638 LOCAL TIME. Find the time that the plane takes to travel either way?

Ans: 69 mins

5) There is a 14 digit credit card number in which every 3 consecutive digits add to 20. Here is a part of it.. Find the value of 'x'?

_ _ _ 9 _ _ _ x _ _ _ 7 _ _

Ans : 4

6)  Ram gets 148 marks for 20 questions. +10 for correct. -3 for wrong. How many correct answers?

Ans : 16

7)  Ganesh and Shankar travel abroad and take more luggage than the airlines allow. They have to pay extra money for it. They carry 52 kgs together and pay $60 and $100 respectively. Now, if the same luggage was carried by only Ganesh it would cost him $340. If the airlines charges only at one rate for extra luggage what is the maximum luggage that a person can carry without paying extra?

Ans : 18 kgs

8) There are 6 consecutive numbers P, Q, R, S, T, U, not necessarily in that order. Given that, Q is 2 less that P, P is 3 less that T and R is 2 less than S, arrange them in an ascending order.


9) Number of digits with a 2 in them between 100 and 400?

Ans : 138

10) Bactria double every 3 mins. It is N in 1 hour, when was it N/4?

Ans : 54 minutes.

11) One day the Finance minister decides that the country should have only 33 paise and 56 paise.If there are two traders having enough change in the two denominations, what is the minimum amount for which they can transact?

Choices :1,2,3,6

Ans: 3

12) Out of the following numbers which is the greatest number when 7 times that number is < 100

1) 12 2) 13 3) 15 4) 14

Ans : 14

13)There is 31 days in the month of January. If there is 4 Sundays and 4 Thursdays exactly.what day is the first day of the month?


ans: a) Monday. Please cross check the answer

14)there are 5 tyres including a spare number of Kms to be covered is 10000 and each tyre should run may Kms does each tyre run?

I don't remember the order of the choices but the figures were like this
Ans: 8000.

15)a question with the same logic as question 6.I don't remember the question

16)8 persons A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H are sitting in a round dining table.some arrangement was given and position of H was asked.I don't remember the question exactly.

Ans)I guess it is between A and F.refer RS Agarwal seating puzzles.It's very easy

Programming: C/C++

1) which of the following is the correct declaration of a function pointer

2) how will u retrieve the value stored in pointer variable a


Ans : a

3) How to pass two arguments to a function prompted to by function pointer
a) g -> (1,2) b)*g(1,2) c)(*g)(1,2) d)g(1,2)

Ans: c) (*g)(1,2)

4)  Encapsulation

a)Aggregation of member objects
b)Aggregation of member functions
c)Used to incorporate data hiding

Ans: c)

5) Float_ptr = new float[100]
In order to deallocate this memory use

a)delete float_ptr
b)delete [] float_ptr
c)delete float_ptr [100]
d)delete float_ptr []


6) i = 12
int *p = &I;
print ("%d %d", p/p,*p**p)

a) 1144
b) 144144
c) O/p Error
d) Junk


7) What is Virtual member function?

8) Cin, Cout are


Ans: objects

9)  cout << ( cout << "Hello" )<< "World"

Ans: HelloWorld

10) i=0;
a = 1;
b = 4;
swap(int a, int b)
int temp;
temp = a;
a = b;
b = a;
i = 1;

a)4 0 0
b)0 4 1
c)1 4 1

The questions is similar to this but am sure of the answer it is

Ans: 4 0 0

11)difference between member function and a constructor?
Ans: constructor cannot return value.

12)class B is the subclass of class A.which of the following describes the relationship?
a) a
b).has a..
c)..implemented as
ans : I guess a. (Im not sure)

Technical: VB

1) How will u keep the exisiting values of a array when enlarging it

Ans : Using Redim Preserve

2) for i = 0 to 5
a[i] = i
print a[i]
next i

how would it get printed in the form?


Ans : guess the choice is 2

Note : the question is some what similar to this, have a look at how print stmt's result would be

3) Resume used in conjunction with
a)On Error b)Error c)Error GOTO

Ans:On Error

4) Creating a new object using
a)New b) New, Create Object
c)New, Create Object, Set
d) New, CreateObject, Set Get Object

Ans: a) New

5) DIM x, y, z as Integer

Ans: X, Y variants, Z - Integer

6) Dim Counter;
For Counter = True to False
Print Counter
Output :
a)Error msg b) True False c) -1 0 d) True

Ans: c) -1 0

7) Form load
textbox.text = "Hello"
on form load what all events will take place
a) Initialise b) Initialise, load c) Initialise, load, activate
d) Initialise, load, activate, validate

Ans: (c)

8) Connection object, command objection. How can u
associate both?

a)Set command object.activeconnection = connectionobject

9)some code segment was given (I don't remember that) but the question was about this statement.
Print A A (A is a variable)
How VB will react?

10) var1 is declared as global variable.proc1( ) and proc( ) have local variables.when a call is made from proc1( ) to proc ( ) which are the variables will be displayed in locals window?

11)how do u unregister a COM from registry?
Ans) I think the third option .the answer will start with regsvr32 /u ..

12)what will happen when Require Variable Declaration option is checked?
a) existing undeclared variables are converted to variant by VB
b) this comes into effect for the new code segment

13)A global module called global. as is creates. which part of the program can access this module? The options were clear about the scope of the global. as module and the application which access it


It has totally 20 spaces were given in the passage we should estimate the appropriate word in the blank space….4 options for each blank  the passage is given below  i don’t remember the all dashes  but this is the passage  

Most agree that humor in the workplace can have beneficial effects. Yet not all humor is good humor. The challenge: how to interject appropriate humor and fun into our serious jobs without hurting others or seriously undermining the company. When used appropriately, humor can work for you.

Humor that Uploads Also Uplifts

Humor has the power to make people feel special. When you include people in fun it simultaneously improves morale, reduces stress and facilitates team building. With the prevalence of telecommuting and workgroups scattered geographically, the challenge of furthering working relationships, bonding and building camaraderie is real. At one San Francisco Bay Area company a workgroup staged an elaborate Remote Baby Shower. The expectant mother, who was out-of-state, called in for a pre-arranged conference call with her workgroup. When she did...surprise! Everyone was having a party in her honor. They uploaded digital photos of a decorated conference room and each other, and e-mailed sound files with well wishes. Everyone shared in the good cheer. This creative use of technology brought employees closer to each other, figuratively if not literally.

Humor That Brings People Together

Workplaces are full of opportunities to use humor for the benefit of all. Milestones are a natural place to employ humor. Dress like the recipient as a tribute during a surprise birthday party. Other celebrations to mark anniversaries, project completions or similar accomplishments are perfect opportunities to utilize humor. Even surviving certain projects is cause for celebration and fun.

Holidays are another natural time to employ humor. Halloween is a time for contests to see who can best decorate conference rooms; for other companies the anniversary of their founding is cause for celebration. Silly speeches, skits and spoofs abound.

And the Award Goes To...

Staging award ceremonies is a great way to have fun, recognize each other and revel in the shared work experience. Whether the categories mimic those found at the Oscars, Emmys or Tonys, or are derivative, esprit de corps rises when the team laughs at itself and each other. Best Supporting Actor, Best Impersonation of an Inanimate Object, Best Special Effects, Most Likely to Secede, or Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pranks can alternately be uplifting or uprooting. A desktop publisher, on April Fools Day, adorned his co-workers cars' windshields with mock yellow parking tickets, complete with envelopes for remittance. Upon closer inspection, these true-to-life replicas of tickets had whimsical offenses of significance to the recipients. The departmental joker's ticket cited him for "excessive use of farce" and the hard charging corporate counsel's infraction charged him with a "Failure to Yield." Of course the initiator of the gag was later cited for impersonating an officer. Everyone laughed at the spoof once they realized it was a joke. Judge Judy's signature at the bottom of the ticket gave it away.

Pole Position

A fast growing company didn't have enough office space for full cubicles for its new hires. One unfortunate hire's assigned cubicle had a giant pole in its midst. To her credit she never complained. Co-workers felt for her. One night they hit the streets, collecting various fliers from telephone poles in their neighborhoods. The next day when the new hire reached her cubicle, the offending pole was now covered with notices about missing pets, renters seeking apartments, cheap movers for hire and even local GRE study groups. Not only did the employee know her co-workers felt her frustration, it bonded them as well as they pulled together to help one of their own.

One Person's Humor is Another Person's Horror

When targeting humor consider targeting yourself. Everyone has a different idea of what's funny and what's not. Many a well intentioned prank or joke has backfired. One co-worker sent another a prank letter impersonating a local media figure. The recipient mistook it for real, interpreted it as harassment and called the FBI. Oops!

The Benefits of Self-Effacing Humor

When we make fun of ourselves it actually demonstrates our healthy outlook, showing we don't take ourselves so seriously. As a result, we're regarded as more approachable and down to earth. Don't make fun of yourself excessively. Such humor loses its effectiveness with overuse.

Everyone from politicians to CEOs to Southwest Airlines flight attendants use self-deprecating humor - humor that makes fun of themselves - to get people laughing at, and consequently with them. You can too.

While gallows humor may feel appropriate during layoffs and cutbacks, strive to employ humor that uplifts and taps universal themes for best results. Here's to laughter!

Technical Round:

In the technical section the questions were from oops ( Inheritance and static functions). On is-a and has-a relationship.. There were also some programming problems with a given solution we need to analyse the solution and answer from the options like :

1) it is a perfect design
2,3,4) some suggestions. we need to choose the right answer and rest were from DBMS..

1) Normal forms
2) Some queries were given and we need to find the output for that queries..


The interview process ,Placement papers, interview questions are purely based on the candidates experience who attended the interview in the recent past. If you prepare well with help of the above mentioned written test questions and technical interview questions for face to face interview and HR interview questions for HR round to get successed in your interview.

All the best.