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Virtusa Latest Placement Papers and Recruitment Process.

Virtusa Latest Placement Papers and Recruitment Process. Virtusa is started to hire freshers for various positions in various locations in India. If you are a freshers, looking for a job In Virtusa Polaris you need to concentrate on its Virtusa Polaris Written Test. We are going to explaing total Virtusa Polaris Interview Process Below.

Company Name : Virtusa.
Location : All Over India.
Education Criteria: 65% throughout Academics.
Job Role : Various Roles.

There Will Be 3 Round Of Interview Which are as follows.

  • First Round: Online Test.
  • Second Round: Technical Interview (Mostly Face to Face, Some times telephonic also)
  • Third Round: HR Round

First Round: Online Written Test:- (There is no negative marking in this round.)

In Virtusa Polaris Online Written Test There Will 3 sections:

FIRST SECTION: (40 minutes):

First section Mostly consists of Core Java based output questions and also Some questions will be from UML (Unified Modeling Language) 

For Example:

Which of the following diagram is used for Timing constant:

1) Activity Diagram.
2) Sequence Diagram. 
3) Interaction Diagram. 
4) Use case Diagram

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And Some of the questions are from Software Engineering 

For Example:

Which of the following Model is not suitable for accommodating any change is?

1) Build and Fix Model. 
2) Prototype Model. 
3) RAD Model. 
4) Waterfall Model. 

Ans: d) Waterfall Model

Some of the questions are from DBMS. 

For Example:

Write the command to remove all employees named John from the EMPLOYEE table.

Ans: DELETE from EMPLOYEE WHERE firstName = ‘John’

SECOND and THIRD Sections:

Second Section: 20 minutes 

  • The questions will Technical coding questions.

Third Section: 20 minutes 

  • These questions also coding questions.

Second Round - Technical Interview:

Most of the questions will be from your Final year project, which will be like which technology do you used or which server did you used for your project and why didn't you used another technology or another server and few more questions from your acedamic subjects like C, C++ and Java etc. Most of the times they will be testing your basic knowledge and your confidence level. They won't except technical experts from colleges untill or unless you are from IIT.

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Third Round - HR Interview: 

If you have finished with technical interview and you have been called upon HR round means 99.9% you got placed in the company. Just keep your cool in the HR round and don't showoff. There will be questions like tell me about your self( In this question say only about your self, only brief about your family don't tell your ancient history). Just be confident what ever you are saying, use simple and plain English you will get through this round easily.

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All The Best.....